• Design of mechanical assemblies for the aeronautic industry  
  • Study, design and drones (UAV) production  
  • CFAD design for UAV, ultra light aircraft and general aviation:
    • Airframe studies
    • Structural studies
    • Performances computation
    • Prop design  
  • Rapid prototyping 2D and 3D models  
  • Functional prototypes and short series production  
  • Aircraft model production and marketing  
  • 5 axis CNC machining in large dimensions  
  • Composite moldings (glass, carbon, Kevlar, honeycomb…)  
  • Electronic department: autopilots command and pilot station, multi channel telemetry, GPS positioning, HF transmission…  
  • Authorized by the French Ministry of Defense for building and marketing war items  
  • Integrated team of certified aerospace and CAD engineers  
  • Building and testing:
    • Test bench proofing
    • Wind tunnel tests
    • Flight tests

Fields of excellence:

  • Long experience in R&D and CAD for the aerospace industry  
  • Integrated systems design  
  • Flexibility and adaptability of a small structure  
  • Mechanics and electronics rapid prototyping  
  • CAD, mechanics and electronics polyvalence  
  • Confidentiality


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